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Wearable displays are extremely useful in some situations. The Vufine vuf-110 wearable display, a clip-on display that attaches to your glasses and mirrors whatever’s on your mobile device’s screen in front of your right eye, is one of the first real products to bring those ideas to life. The $180 device is ideal for tasks such as following a teleprompter or slide deck while delivering a presentation, monitoring live footage while flying a drone and acting as a remote viewfinder for your camera.


  • Multi-purpose uses
  • Ideal for improving Drone Situational Awareness
  • Allows you to take pictures from various angles
  • Useful as a second screen when traveling for work
  • Good design and hardware
  • Bright screen and display
  • Simple Attachment and Connectivity



  • No wireless capabilities
  • Not as easy to adopt as a Chromecast

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Vufine VUF-110 Wearable Display

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Vufine+ is a high-definition, wearable display that integrates seamlessly with your technology. Vufine Vuf-110 connects via HDMI to provide a second monitor or mirrored display for your smartphone, laptop, or drone.

Multi-purpose uses

Vufine facilitates your interaction with technology across a nearly infinite set of use cases, leaving your hands free to do the real work. Vufine+ is ideal for use with drones, in the cinema, with an action camera, or on a professional rig.


Ideal for improving Drone Situational Awareness

Vufine stands out as a straightforward, risk-averse monocular FPV system. When flying a Drone, this wearable display is ideal for increasing situational awareness. You can see FPV of what the drone sees in front of it while still looking at the Drone in flight with the Vufine Wearable display.


Allows you to take pictures from various angles

Moving with a camera, low shots, high shots, and shots around corners are all possible with the Vufine Vuf-110 wearable display. It’s quick and easy to use. The best part is that it’s portable, which means it’s small enough to always have with you.


Useful as a second screen when travelling for work

Vufine is a useful addition to your toolkit, allowing you to bring along a second screen without having to bring along another monitor. The small design is ideal for cramped quarters and allows you to view multiple documents, code snippets, and other resources to increase efficiency. It also provides you with privacy, which is useful when you’re stuck in the middle seat on a long flight home.


Good design and hardware

The Vufine+ is roughly half the length of the arm of your glasses and about the thickness of a thumb drive. It has a power button on one end and a display on the other, which curves to bring the screen in front of your right eye; its horizontal position is easily adjustable. However, it is not as simple to use as a Chromecast. It takes about a minute to put on and must be plugged in before use.


Bright screen and display

Vufine+ employs an LCOS panel, which produces a bright, crisp virtual display that appears as a 4″ display 12″ from your eye. It also provides three different display modes, allowing users to optimize the display regardless of the device to which they are connected. By pressing the power button, you can cycle through these modes.


Simple Attachment and Connectivity

Vufine+ is magnetically attached to glasses and can be positioned above, below, or directly in your line of sight. It is compatible with the majority of major smartphones, drones, laptops, and cameras. This is accomplished using the included HDMI cable and, depending on the device, the appropriate HDMI adapter. Vufine only connects to devices via an HDMI cable. There are no wireless capabilities because it is only designed to accept 720p signals.

Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Drone Assistance 84%
Display 72%
Price 73%
Comfort 69%
Lens 65%
Audio 85%
Battery 72%
Features 77%

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Display type: LCOS Display
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