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Rokid Air AR glasses are powerful, easy to use, and light enough to wear on a daily basis. Its massive virtual screen of 120″ provides a tremendous, engaging multimedia experience for apps, games, and movies. With Rokid Air’s voice control and advanced features, you can see more and do more hands-free.


  • Responds to basic hand gestures
  • Doesn’t need charging
  • Compatible with all devices
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Voice commands are easily recognized
  • No need to wear prescription glasses
  • Ensures privacy


  • The lens can only do facial recognition
  • No high-definition images

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Rokid Air AR Glasses, Myopia Friendly Pocket-Sized Yet Massive Screen with 1080P OLED Dual Display, 43°FoV, 55PPD

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The Rokid Air glasses cost less than $500 and have true HD performance, making a far superior head-mounted display. Rokid Air AR Glasses are the most affordable AR Glasses designed for everyone. The glasses open up infinite possibilities with a wide range of applications for business, education, and entertainment.


Responds to basic hand gestures

Unlike other VR sets, Rokid Air allows you to interact with its virtual screen in a novel and powerful way. You do not need to purchase additional controllers to move the pointer. After connecting with Rokid Air, your phone transforms into a versatile touchpad. The Rokid glasses also respond to basic hand gestures, such as swiping the air to move menu tiles left and right, or making a fist to select one. The images are superimposed over the real world in the upper-right corner of the lenses. The images are clear enough to read the bold, basic text, but they aren’t high-definition. The best feature Rokid’s lenses have for now is facial recognition, which displays contact information for any face you’ve programmed in.


Doesn’t need charging

Rokid Air does not require charging. The device to which it is tethered provides power, allowing you to enjoy more content, games, movies, and entertainment. It is widely compatible with all devices, including Android and iOS phones, desktop computers and laptops, the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and the Nintendo Switch. Simply plug and play to see apps, videos, and games in front of you instead of struggling to see them on a small device screen.


Comfortable to wear

Rokid Air is extremely lightweight and comfortable, allowing you to wear it for extended periods of time. It’s similar to a large monitor that fits in your pocket and travels with you.


Voice commands are easily recognized

Rokid Air can clearly pick up your voice commands thanks to the noise-canceling microphone and voice recognition technology. This built-in smart assistant is always ready to assist and is extremely capable of carrying out tasks. Rokid Air can be asked to play videos, open installed applications, adjust the volume and brightness, and more. If you want to rewind an important movie scene or skip ahead to a commercial but don’t have the remote, Rokid Air’s voice detection gives you complete control.


No need to wear prescription glasses

Rokid Air is ideal for those who wear glasses. Because the Rokid Glasses have a focus adjustment knob, you no longer need to wear your prescription lenses or contacts. Nearsighted people can achieve the perfect vision in this manner. If you have any eye defects, you can wear the Rokid Air instead of your prescription lenses to correct the defect.


High resolution of 4k

The Rokid Air Glasses feature a 4K resolution. This results in vibrant colors, fine details, and stunning images and visuals. Users can connect Rokid Air to their devices and enjoy high-quality displays. The 60Hz refresh rate of the Rokid Air means that more information reaches your eyes in the same amount of time, resulting in smoother-looking motion. It can work wonders for gamers. Rokid Air provides clear images with a wide field of view. It’s like looking at a 120″ screen from a few feet away. The experience will impress you, especially when it overlays your real-world surroundings, allowing you to see both the real and virtual worlds while watching a video or viewing other content.


Ensures privacy

Rokid Air allows you to enjoy entertainment in your own private world at any time and from any location. Anything on the screen is completely private and invisible to others from any angle, allowing you to enjoy your content discreetly and in complete privacy.

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Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Comfort 90%
Compatibility 90%
Lens 85%
Voice assistant 87%
Audio 80%
Price 74%
Camera 79%
Features 77%

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Hardware Platform: –
Display type: OLED
Field Of View: 43

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