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The Ray-Ban Stories are smart sunglasses with speakers and cameras that can be used as a casual replacement for headphones or a phone camera. With a quick tap of a button or vocal command, they take fun, casual first-person photos, and 30-second video clips. Ray-Bans are essentially a pair of Ray-Bans with slightly thicker arms than you might be used to, which is quite impressive given the technology packed into the frames.


  • Great Audio
  • Smart Charging case
  • Sleek Look 
  • Handy 
  • Wide choice of frame and color options
  • Available with prescription lenses



  • Low-quality HDR Camera
  • Worrisome Privacy issues
  • Poor low-light performance
  • Audio lacks bass
  • Easy to take photos by accident


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Ray-Ban Stories|Wayfarer Square Smart Glasses, Shiny Black/Green,50mm

Last Amazon price update was: March 18, 2024 10:34 am


Ray-Ban Stories is the result of a collaboration between the luxury sunglasses brand, Ray-Ban, and social media giant Facebook. It combines the signature Ray-Ban look and feels with smart features such as dual cameras, headphone-free music playback, and access to Facebook’s branded virtual assistant. These stylish glasses have all the hallmarks of a Ray-Ban, including the Ray-Ban signature and initials on the arms and lenses, and they come in three distinct Ray-Ban styles: Wayfarer, Round, and Meteor. With six color options and the option to select clear or transition lenses, Ray-Ban Stories can be customized to your preferences and needs.


Smart Charging Case

Ray-Ban Stories come in a case designed to charge it while it’s not in use. The battery also lasts considerably. 


Sleek Look

The Ray-Ban Stories are stylish smart glasses that serve as a fitting precursor to Facebook’s true ambitions in augmented reality – though they aren’t perfect in practice. Ray-Ban Stories will not replace your camera or headphones, but they are an excellent first step into the world of smart glasses, combining audio and camera technology in a single pair of stylish frames. They’re pricey and not for everyone, but the convenience (and brand) will undoubtedly entice some.


Lightweight and available with prescription glasses

The glasses are comfortable to wear. They’re not too heavy, but they also don’t feel like they’ll fall off easily, which is a good thing. These are far superior to the similarly priced Bose Frames and the slightly less expensive Echo Frames. The ability to pack in prescription lenses solves a common issue for those with vision issues, allowing them to wear smart glasses over their regular glasses.


Great Audio

The sound quality from the Ray-Ban Stories is great, but it still doesn’t compare to something like a pair of traditional earbuds and lacks the warmth and bass richness of most audio products.


Low-quality HDR Camera

The camera quality on the glasses, on the other hand, is pretty bad. What this means is that you need to stand still with no movement in the frame for a good picture to be taken. It’s also easy to take photos by accident, given its automatic capture that can be triggered by motion. It also has a problem with capturing clear images at night or in low lighting situations.


Worrisome Privacy Issues

One point of concern is the cameras and privacy. One really can’t take a discreet picture because of the loud shutter sound that comes from the glasses speakers and the LED light on the frame. You also have to reach up to the glasses first, or say “Hey Facebook.” It’s quite easier to sneak a picture or video from a phone rather than the glasses. The glasses also have Facebook Assistant built-in, but it’s not a full-fledged assistant. It’s quite worrisome because of Facebook and data issues, except for those willing to give it a try, regardless.


Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Sound quality 79%
Design 84%
Camera 74%
Volume control 83%
Privacy concern 33%
Battery life 74%
Low light performance 44%
Lenses 69%

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