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The Bose Frames Tempo is a pair of smart glasses designed for a comfortable experience, whether you’re exercising or strolling around the city. It’s the go-to smart glasses product for users, with a slew of great features.


  • Good audio quality
  • Designed for sports
  • Water-Resistant
  • Has a good fit
  • Long-lasting performance
  • Lenses with interchangeable polarized coatings
  • Intuitive touch controls


  • Poor assistant capabilities
  • Tap controls work poorly
  • Sound leakage
  • Bluetooth constantly loses connection to the Bose app

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Bose Frames Tempo – Sports Audio Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses & Bluetooth Connectivity – Black

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The Bose Frames are well-known for their high quality, and the Tempo smartglasses are no exception. There are a plethora of reasons why the glasses are gradually taking over the market, particularly the sports market, with a lot of comfortable and commendable features.


Poor assistant capabilities

Despite the Bose representative’s prompt response, the built-in assistant appears to be Google Now, a subpar version of Google Assistant that is far less functional. The audio cue for the Assistant also behaves unpredictably. There is no tone to indicate that the assistant is waiting for a response when it is triggered. It’s not recommended for those who want to use the frames instead of their phone’s assistant because you’ll have to take your phone out of your pocket frequently.


Good audio quality

Although there is noticeable sound leakage in quiet environments, the Bose Frames Tempo is excellent for listening to music without disturbing others. As you’d expect from Bose, the sound separation is excellent, and the sound imaging is very crisp. It is recommended for those who want to listen to the high-quality sound while exercising while remaining aware of their surroundings. The sound is delivered by two speakers built into the glasses’ frame. The Tempos do not use bone conduction technology to play music, as do the Aftershokz headphones.


Designed for sports

The Bose Frames Tempo are high-performance sports sunglasses with a groundbreaking Bose Open Ear Audio design that allows you to hear your music and your surroundings at the same time for an unparalleled workout. Tempo is certainly designed for comfort and performance, with its lightweight, aerodynamic nylon frame and soft, silicone nose pads. It has the sound you expect from Bose as well as everything you need from a pair of sports sunglasses.



These IPX4 water-resistant sports sunglasses are built to withstand the elements. The polarized polycarbonate lenses are scratch and shatter-resistant. The TR-90 nylon frame is tough and long-lasting. In addition, a specially designed acoustic mesh in the ports keeps water and debris out.


Has a good fit

They wouldn’t be considered performance sunglasses if they didn’t stay in place. The Bose Frames Tempo feel like they’re a part of you when you wear them, from the soft, silicone nose pads to the flexible temple grips to the custom spring hinges that hold just tight enough to stay secure but light enough to be forgotten. Despite the bulky sides of the frame, the glasses don’t move around during runs and rides, and they don’t feel any different than a regular pair of sunglasses.


Long-lasting performance

The Frame Tempo glasses have eight-hour battery life on a single charge and take an hour to fully charge from empty. When you turn on the glasses, you’ll also hear a voice notification telling you how much battery life is left. It also has a strong Bluetooth range of up to 30 feet and a playtime of up to 8 hours per charge. Although the connection is strong, these, like virtually all Bose Bluetooth devices, frequently lose connection to the Bose app.


Lenses with interchangeable polarized coatings

Bose sport sunglasses come with Mirrored Black lenses (VLT 12%), but they can be easily replaced with Trail Blue (VLT 28%) or Road Orange lenses (VLT 20 % ). They are also prescription (Rx) ready.


Intuitive touch controls

With seamless capacitive touch and an integrated motion sensor, you can adjust the volume by swiping your finger along with your right temple, double-tapping to access your phone’s voice assistant, or flipping your Frames upside down to turn them off. However, many users have expressed dissatisfaction with the tap controls.

Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Features 90%
Lens 85%
Audio 85%
Performance 94%
Water-resistance 85%
Sound leakage 78%
Voice assistant 81%
Comfort 82%

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