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The Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch is a “horological smart watch” basis for individuals who want to keep track of their fitness while also looking fashionable. Although this clock appears to be traditional on the outside, it contains sophisticated functions.


  • Elegant design
  • Subtle features
  • Health and fitness tracker
  • Great battery life
  • Motion sensors available


  • Lacks smartwatch notification feature
  • Too chunky to wear while sleeping
  • Connectivity is an issue

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Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch for Men (MH1B2S20RB) Black Rubber Strap Black Stainless Steel Case Black Face White Hands and Numbers

Last Amazon price update was: February 28, 2024 12:31 am


The Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch includes a lot of fitness monitoring and smart features, therefore its expensive price is justified.


Elegant design

The Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch is distinguished by its attractive appearance and high build quality. It has a luxurious appearance for its pricing.


Subtle features

The Mondaine Helvetica Smart is unique in that its intelligent functions are kept to a minimum. There are only a few telltale signs that this isn’t your average Swiss: The sub-dial at 6:00 displays activity status on one hand and the date on the other. The seconds hand is missing, apparently to save electricity. What appears to be a crown is actually a single-button interface that allows you to flip between watch functions and start Bluetooth communication.


Lacks smartwatch notification feature

When the hour hand points to the A, it indicates how many steps you’ve taken, but the S indicates how much sleep you’ve gotten. A single or double press of the crown displays your step or sleep percentage. When you receive a message on your phone, the hour hand travels to the M, and when you receive an incoming call, it moves to the T. The watch vibrates both times. A gentle buzz can be felt on your wrist. It’s in keeping with the Helvetica Smart’s understated nature. However, one flaw in this gadget is that it lacks the smartwatch notifications feature, which is a feature that most, if not all, other smartwatches already have as a standard.


Too chunky to wear while sleeping

The Mondaine Helvetica 1 Smart is a substantial piece of timepiece. It’s made of a variety of different materials, which makes it bulky. It’s something to look forward to throughout the day, but it’s uncomfortable to wear at night, such as for sleep tracking.


Health and fitness tracker

The Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch contains built-in fitness tracking technology that tracks the user’s calories, steps, and distances. The MotionX activity tracking and Sleeptracker sleep monitoring software are included into the Mondaine smartwatch, allowing you to measure your activity during the day and see how well you slept at night. All you have to do now is remember to activate sleep mode. As with any algorithmic metric computation, there’s a level of faith that the gadget is counting in the realms of accuracy, but the Mondaine is pretty much on the money when compared to other fitness trackers in the same price range or even less expensive.


Great battery life

When it comes to battery life, Mondaine boasts that its quartz movement will last for two years before the cell needs to be replaced.


Motion sensors available

Using the MotionX algorithm, a motion sensor recognizes walking, sitting, and sleeping. Internally, this is captured and transferred over Bluetooth to an iOS or Android smartphone app on demand. The straightforward sub-dial display shows goal progress at a glance and can be manually switched between exercise and sleep. The module can also beep to alert you to do anything or adjust your wake time.


Connectivity is an issue

The sporadic nature of connectivity is often a source of frustration. Because the watch synchronizes with the time on the smartphone, it will automatically change to time zones when traveling, although this must be done manually with the app open. It’s one extra thing to remember when traveling, and it’s nowhere near as convenient as some mechanical timepieces’ dual timezone functions.

Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Display 83%
Quality / Value for money 74%
Price 61%
Sensors / Trackers / Monitors 79%
Features 59%
Battery 89%
Design / Look & Feel 84%
Ease of Use 87%

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Mondaine Helvetica Smartwatch Specifications


Design Shape: Circular
Clasp Type: –


Display Type: –
Screen Resolution: –
Screen Size: 0.7
Touch Type: –


Casing: Aluminum
Weight: -1
Size: –

Processor & Memory

CPU: –
RAM: –
Storage: –
External Card Slot: –


Battery Life: –
Charging Technology: –

Sensors & Connectivity

Sensors & Functions: Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, Pedometer
SIM Slot: –
USB: –
Bluetooth: –


Speaker: No
Radio: –
Audio: No
Microphone: No
Camera: Yes


Water Resistance: Water Resistant
Protection: –
Glass Technology: –

Other Specifications

Package Content: 1 x Smartwatch 1 x Charging Cable 1 x User Manual
Compatibility: Android, iOs
Colors: black

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