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Majorly targeted at women folk, the Timex iConnect Active offers premium looks along with a colour touchscreen. It can track your activity, sleep quality, heart rate, and gives you reminders to drink water and get up from your seat.


  • Nice design and display
  • Health and fitness tracking features available
  • Compatible with android and iOS
  • IP68 Water resistant
  • The companion app works well
  • User Interface navigation is simple
  • Battery life is good


  • Unreliable sleep and step count data
  • No women’s health features
  • No touchscreen
  • Lacks a lot of features

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iConnect by Timex Active Smartwatch with Heart Rate, Notifications & Activity Tracking 37mm – Black with Black Resin Strap

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The Timex iConnect Active is a nice-looking premium smartwatch with useful features. The only bit of a drawback is that these features are quite basic and more features are lacking.  


TIMEX iConnect Active+ design and display

Its upscale appearance is one of the Timex iConnect Active’s most striking features. The touchscreen is square and has gold edges and a sleek appearance, especially when worn with the mesh band. The watch is more suited to women’s wrists because they are slimmer. The mesh band tends to loosen up with athletic movement, thus it might not be comfortable if you exercise frequently.


Health and fitness tracking features available

The Timex iConnect Active monitors heart rate and sleep as well as steps, calories, and active minutes. It also offers breathing exercises to help you relax and reminds you to get up from your seat and drink water. Instead of continuously monitoring your heart rate like its rivals do, it does so every 30 minutes. The watch also keeps track of your sleeping habits and can tell the difference between deep sleep and light sleep while providing data for you. Sometimes the sleep data is not accurate.

The watch occasionally counts steps incorrectly, producing results that are far off the mark. The significant step count deviation and inconsistent sleep data are its greatest weaknesses.

A few crucial components are also absent. Given that it is primarily marketed to women, the watch does not have functions for tracking ovulation or periods, stress levels, or SpO2 levels.

Seven exercise options are available on the Timex iConnect Active: walking, running, climbing, riding, basketball, elliptical, and yoga.


Compatible with Android and iOS

The iConnect by Timex 2 app makes it very simple to Bluetooth-pair the watch with an Android or iOS phone. Even if it is not visually pleasing, the app is nice.

Plus, you can access your phone’s camera via iConnect Active and take pictures using the native app. It can also manage the music on your phone, but notifications might be a hassle.

Android allows it to send Twitter, Facebook, WeChat, and WhatsApp notifications as well, which may be bothersome until you turn them off yourself. iOS only permits it to broadcast notifications for calls and messages.


IP68 Water resistant

The watch is advertised as being IP68 water resistant, and it sustains no damage whether you wash dishes or perform any other wet labor while wearing it.


The companion app works well

Users must install the iConnect By Timex 2 app on their phones in order to pair the Timex iConnect Active. The pairing procedure is really simple. The app provides simple personalization options, such as the ability to modify the frequency of sedentary alarms and water reminders.

Additionally, you may set alarms and alter the wrist orientation. Although this gadget does not offer 24×7 continuous monitoring and you cannot alter the interval between measurements, there is an option to toggle daily heart rate recording. Finally, you have control over which apps display notifications to you. Over and beyond the standard watch faces on the Timex iConnect Premium Active, there are four more watch faces available within the app.


User Interface navigation is simple

Navigation on the UI is easy. Toggle DND mode, change the brightness (there is no automatic brightness adjustment), and turn off the smartwatch are all accessible by swiping downward.

The notification panel, which only displays notifications from your phone, is opened by swiping up. There is no method to reply to messages or emails that are received.

You cannot mute the ringer or reject a call through the watch; even call alerts can only be seen.

You can switch the watch face by long-pressing it; there are five choices on the gadget. Swiping left opens a menu that displays daily activity data, such as the number of steps you’ve taken, the distance you’ve traveled, and the number of calories you’ve burned. When you tap the heart rate indicator, your heart rate will begin to be automatically read, and the results will be shown.


Battery life is good.

The Timex iConnect Premium Active battery lasts around five days with typical use. It takes about two and a half hours to charge the gadget using the connector at the rear fully.


No touchscreen

The Timex iConnect Active only has one button for navigation, unlike its rivals, who all have touch screens with swipe functionality. It functions but is clumsy and belongs on a far less expensive fitness tracker. It takes some getting used to the button touch input.


Lacks a lot of features

The Timex iConnect Active smartwatch is stylish. But it is severely lacking in features. There should be more training modes, ovulation and period monitoring, and more watch face selections with the chance to customize them. Compared to smartwatches from other brands, including Amazfit, activity tracking is less precise. Although SpO2 tracking has practically become a standard function for all smartwatches, there is no adjustable 24-hour heart rate monitoring.

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TIMEX iConnect Active+ Specifications


Design Shape: Rectangle
Clasp Type: Tang Buckle


Display Type: OLED
Screen Resolution: 240 x 240
Screen Size: 1.47
Touch Type: Muti -Touch


Casing: resin
Size: -, 37 x 22 x 11

Processor & Memory

CPU: –
RAM: –
Storage: –
External Card Slot: none


Battery Life: –
Charging Technology: –

Sensors & Connectivity

Sensors & Functions: Heart rate monitor, Steps monitor, GPS, Galileo, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, calories burned, weather, alarms, notifications
SIM Slot: no
NFC: –
Bluetooth: Bluetooth® Smart and ANT+
GPS: GPS via Smartphone


Speaker: Yes
Radio: –
Audio: Voice Assistant
Microphone: Yes
Camera: Yes


Water Resistance: Water Resistant
Protection: IP68 Waterproof
Glass Technology: Corning Gorilla Glass

Other Specifications

Package Content: –
Compatibility: Android, iOs
Colors: black, Pink, navy blue

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