Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic

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Considered to be the leading competitor of the Apple Watch, Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic made some useful improvements in catching people’s attention, especially individuals who also own a galaxy phone. The main improvement is its promising operating system which offers better performance and more health and fitness features.


  • Impressive Performance
  • Accessible price
  • Smooth operating system
  • Detailed sleep monito


  • Average battery life
  • Galaxy phones exclusive features
  • Poor widget customization

Where to get it?


The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic is a super-premium smartwatch that cost $430 which is a little bit on the expensive side. It has a rotating physical bezel to navigate through applications making it extremely unique compared to its competitors.


 Display and Design 

The Galaxy Watch 4 Classic offers a beautifully crisp display with a 46mm build and a 1.19 inches circular screen with a resolution of 450 x 450. The super AMOLED panels provide a rich viewing experience with excellent contrast which makes the screen vibrant even under the sun. The body is made of stainless steel makes it feel sturdy and because it raised the borders around the screen, it protects the display from bumps and scratches. The Watch 4 Classic has two color options, muted silver, and black. 

Samsung has raised the expectations in terms of control such as automatic and manual brightness control. It comes with several screen wake and timeout options. These include enhanced touch sensitivity for when you are wearing gloves. Also, magnification controls make it easier to see. The tilt to wake is surprisingly responsive with no need to switch the “Always on Display” mode for better functionality. 


The Wear OS powered by Samsung makes the experience smooth and slick. Google announced a partnership with Samsung making Galaxy Watch 4 Classic the first smartwatch to represent this newly created partnership. 

Other than the rotating bezel controlling the shifting of applications, it can also be done by swiping left to go to the notifications menu. Swiping down to go to the setting menu. Also, an option called “Theatre Mode” where it mutes notifications and turns off “Raise to Wake” for a set amount of time making it perfect to watch videos. 

Like any other smartwatch, Galaxy Watch 4 Classic also offers health and fitness modes. These include heart rate and oxygen monitor, record speed and elevation, burnt calories, and measures distance, ECG, and the new Bioelectrical Impedance Sensor(BIA) which your body composition. Users find these features accurate compared to other fitness tracking smartwatches. 


Is it Worth it?

Samsung is known for its high-quality phones and its smartwatches are no different. The Galaxy Watch 4 classic provides a high-quality display and a unique design with its rotating physical bezel making it easier to navigate applications. Also, if you want to constantly monitor your body composition, then this is recommended for you.

Although the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic has a good battery, it only lasts for a day unless you put it on battery saver mode which will affect the display. This is not the smartwatch for you if you are on a budget. Other smartwatches can also perform the same as Galaxy Watch 4 Classic at a much cheaper price. 

Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Overall Quality 97%
Features 82%
Compatibility 85%
Sensors / Monitors 80%
Comfort 78%
Display 75%
Design 83%
Price 56%

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Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Specifications


Design Shape: Circular
Clasp Type: –


Display Type: AMOLED
Screen Resolution: –
Touch Type: Muti -Touch


Casing: -, Stainless steel, Titanium
Weight: 52
Size: -, 45 x 45 x 12

Processor & Memory

CPU: Exynos W920
RAM: –
Storage: 8GB
External Card Slot: –


Battery Life: 361 mAh
Charging Technology: Wireless Charging

Sensors & Connectivity

Sensors & Functions: -, Heart rate monitor, barometer, ECG, Bioelectrical Impedance Sensor(BIA), Accelerometer
SIM Slot: no
NFC: Yes
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
GPS: -, GPS via Smartphone


Speaker: Yes
Radio: –
Audio: Yes
Microphone: Yes
Camera: None


Water Resistance: Water Resistant
Protection: IP68 Waterproof
Glass Technology: Corning Gorilla Glass DX

Other Specifications

Package Content: 1 x Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 1 x User Manual 1 x Charging Cable 1 x Warranty Card
Compatibility: Android, iOs
Colors: black, silver

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