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Fitbit Badges List: The Complete List And How To Get Them

When you’re as dedicated as many Fitbit users are, it’s simple to become laser-focused on your ultimate objective. While high objectives are admirable, experts agree that having smaller detailed, quantifiable, and realistic goals may help keep you motivated. Another essential factor is rewards. Those are what Fitbit badges give you.

Fitbit created over 100 badges to reward a wide range of accomplishments. These virtual badges are meant to recognize and help you celebrate even the tiniest of successes throughout your health journey, from steps walked to floors climbed to weight reduction.

But how can you attain what you can’t see? Here’s how to get all 101 Fitbit Badges.

What Are Fitbit Badges? 

If you’re new to Fitbit or thinking about purchasing one, you may be wondering what all the hype is about Fitbit Badges. Why are your friends so interested in them?

Fitbit badges will discuss in detail on this site. At the same time, we’ll use this chance to explain a few more enjoyable features that you’ll enjoy as a Fitbit owner. Let’s get started.

What are Fitbit badges? Fitbit badges are physical accomplishments that may earn you prizes. There are over 100 Fitbit badges available, and new ones are being added ever. They are, if you will, your prize for working hard and attaining a goal. We all need a pat on the back now and again.

Types Of The Fitbit Badges

Fitbit badges are divided into two categories: lifetime badges and daily badges. Daily badges may be earned several times for each accomplishment. However, lifetime badges can only earn once in a lifetime.

These two basic classes may be broken further into lesser categories. These are the Fitbit badge classifications, according to reviews break. Examine it out.

Fitbit Daily Badges

Fitbit badges are divided into two types: daily floor badges and daily steps per day badges.

Fitbit Daily Steps Badges

Taking a walk or climbing stairs per day may be an effective way to burn fat; it can reduce cardiovascular diseases and help manage blood pressure. Some fitness enthusiasts believe that this is more beneficial than running. Fitbit can help you incorporate this healthy way of life into your daily routine.

Daily steps per day are rewarded to those who meet their daily objective. As a result, these badges are awarded daily as a reward for good effort. The day may begin with boat shoes, where a badge is given after just 5000 steps per day, and end with Olympian sandals, where a badge is awarded after 1,000,000 steps per day.

List Of Fitbit Daily Steps Badges:

  • Boat shoe badge: is rewarded at 5000 steps per day
  • Sneaker badge: is issued after 10,000 steps per day
  • Urban Boots badge: rewarded after 15,000 steps per day
  • High Tops badge: it is given after 20,000 steps per day.
  • Classics badge: is awarded after 25,000 steps per day.
  • Trail shoe badge: is issued after 30,000 steps per day.
  • Hiking Boots badge: is issued after 35,000 steps per day.
  • Cleats badge: is awarded after 40,000 steps per day.
  • Snow Boots badge: is issued at 45,000 steps per day.
  • Cowboy Boots badge: is awarded after 50,000 steps per day.
  • Platform shoe badge: is issued after 55,000 steps per day.
  • Blue Suede badge: Awarded after 60,000 steps per day.
  • Ruby Slippers badge: is awarded after 65,000 steps per day.
  • Spring Loader badge: is awarded 70,000 degrees per day.
  • Genie shoe badge: is awarded after 75,000 steps per day.
  • Futuristic Kicks badges: awarded after 80,000 steps per day.
  • Rocket Boots badge: awarded at 90,000 steps per day.
  • Olympian Sandals badges: issued at 1, 00,000 steps per day.

Fitbit Daily Floors Badges

In the Fitbit daily badges, this is the second subcategory. Are you aware that climbing stairs may help you burn more fat than jogging? Instead of using the elevator, try walking the stairs; Fitbit offers Fitbit floor badges to encourage stair climbing. The Fitbit floor badges are shown below.

List Of Fitbit Daily Floor Badges:

  • Happy Hill badge: 10 stories per day.
  • Redwood Forest badge: 25 stories per day.
  • Lighthouse badge: 50 stories per day.
  • Ferris wheel badge: 75 stories per day.
  • Skyscraper: 100 stories per day.
  • Rollercoaster: 125 stories per day.
  • Stadium: 150 stories per day.
  • Bridge: 175 stories per day.
  • Castle: 200 stories per day.
  • Waterfall: 300 stories per day.
  • Canyon: 400 stories per day.
  • Volcano: 500 stories per day.
  • Mountain: 600 stories per day.
  • Rainbow: 700 stories per day.

Fitbit Lifetime Badges

When a member completes a lifetime goal, they may receive these Fitbit badges. Fitbit gives both Lifetime climb and Lifetime distance badges. The Fitbit weight Goal badge is another lifetime badge offered in this category.

Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges

Fitbit awards badges based on the total lifetime distance travelled since joining its program. A badge is earned after travelling at least 26 miles, while the pole to pole is received after travelling 12430 miles. The Fitbit Lifetime Badges are shown below.

List of Fitbit Lifetime Distance Badges:

  • Marathon: 26 miles.
  • March of Penguins badge: 70 miles.
  • London: 250 miles.
  • Hawaiian Islands badge: 350 miles.
  • Serengeti: 500 miles.
  • Italy: 736 miles.
  • New Zealand badge: 900 miles.
  • Great Barrier Reef badge: 1600 miles.
  • Japan: 1,869 covered miles
  • India: 1,997 covered miles.
  • Monarch Migration badge: 2,500 miles covered.
  • Sahara: 2,983 covered miles.
  • Nile: 4,132 covered miles.
  • Africa: 5,000 covered miles.
  • Great Wall badge: 5,500 covered miles.
  • Russian Railway badge: 5,772 covered miles.
  • Earth Diameter badge: 7,900 covered miles.
  • Pole to Pole badge: 12,430 covered miles.

Fitbit Lifetime Floor Badges

If you’ve been climbing the stairs and are wondering how many steps you’ve taken, don’t worry; Fitbit keeps track of this and knows precisely how much. The helicopter badge is granted at 500 levels, while the satellite badge is presented at 35000 floors.

List Of Fitbit Lifetime Floor Badges

  • Helicopter: 500 floors.
  • SkyDrive: ascended 1,000 floors.
  • Hot Air Balloon badge: awarded on ascending 2,000 floors.
  • 747: ascended 4,000 floors.
  • Cloud: ascended 8,000 floors
  • Spaceship: ascended 14,000 floors.
  • Shooting Star: ascended 20,000 floors.
  • Astronaut: ascended 28,000 floors.
  • Satellite: ascended 35,000 floors.

Weight Goal Fitbit Lifetime Badges

It allows you to establish a goal and get a Weight Goal Badge after you reach it. Some of its badges are below:

  • The Weight target Set: When you put up a target.
  • The Weight target Met: When you reach that target.

It may increase to 200 pounds each time by five pounds.

Fitbit FitForGood Challenge Badges:

Walking feels wonderful, but walking for charity feels much better. Fitbit has introduced several charity badges to help with this. Fitbit provides money to your selected charity when you complete a challenge.

List Of Fitbit Fitforgood Challenge Badges:

  • Participant: Fit for Good Badges
  • Do-Gooder: Fit for Good Badges
  • Helping Hero: 60,000 Charity Steps
  • Charity Champion: 100,000 Charity Steps

Fitbit Adventures Badges

Getting these badges is a lot more fun than other daily and lifetime badges. All you have to do is reach that virtual destination with your Fitbit.

Fitbit has created three virtual places (so far) that you must visit to finish the journey. You may also preview how the route would appear while driving. Fitbit also provides you with two Marathon Badges, which you will only get after finishing the challenge.

List Of Fitbit Adventures Badges:

  • Vernal Falls: 15,000 steps
  • Valley Loop: 24,000 steps
  • Pohono Trail: 42,000 steps
  • NYC 3.1 Miles: 8,000 steps
  • NYC 10 Miles: 24,000 steps
  • NYC 26.2 Miles: 57,000 steps

Fitbit Group Challenge Badges:

It’s satisfying to accomplish tasks. When you finish them, though, it seems like you’re on a quest alongside your friends and family. Fitbit has introduced a few badges for this purpose, which we have mentioned below.

List Of Fitbit Group Challenge Badges:

  • Daily Showdown: Most steps in a day
  • Weekend Warrior: Most steps over the weekend
  • Workweek Hustle: Most steps Monday through Friday
  • Goal Day: For those who reach their daily step goal
  • Family Faceoff: Your Fitbit family account can get the most steps Monday through Friday.

How Do You Earn Fitbit Badges?

Fitbit Badges may earn in many ways, including step count, flight of stairs climbed, and weight reduction. The stair and step count systems are divided into two categories: daily and lifetime. Fitbit has also added the option to earn badges by completing one of the company’s challenges or adventures.

You may also acquire badges more than once. So you don’t simply get a badge and then forget about it. It’s an excellent approach to monitoring how often you achieve your objectives.

It’s worth noting that manually recorded activities don’t count toward Fitbit Badges. You earn them just by wearing your Fitbit daily. Fitbit Aria and Fitbit Aria 2 Smart scales are the only way to earn weight-based badges on the Fitbit app.

So, why are manually recorded activities not counted toward Badges? It’s because Badges are designed to reward you for your everyday efforts and to encourage you to live a more active lifestyle. So you may be more conscious about going to the shop rather than driving or using the stairs rather than the elevator.

Fitbit claims that manually logging activities requires effort. You’re in the mood to be sporty for a brief amount of time rather than making daily decisions to be more active.

What Can We Do With Our Fitbit Badges?

Your Fitbit badges will not be worth anything in monetary terms. They cannot exchange with other Fitbit users. But what you can do is exhibit and flaunt them. Go to your badge and trophy collections, which may be found under Profile on your account.

You now have the opportunity to demonstrate your pride in your badges. There are many methods to display them to your friends or followers. The most common method is to share them with the Fitbit community.

In addition, you may share them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Why not try all four? It is a little amusing.

If you are a member of a Facebook get fit group, you may share your Fitbit badges with the other members of the group. It’s a great method to keep each other motivated for getting back into shape or preparing for a specific goal.

Bottom Line:

There are currently no shortcuts to acquiring a Fitbit badge. The only option is to push yourself harder every day. If you believe you’re becoming tired of these badges, invite some pals to join you. A brief race will give you the necessary lift.

There have never been any quick fixes for success. Laziness and a lack of respect are what hinder us from becoming healthy. Fitbit is now providing us with a comprehensive solution that overcomes both of these limits. We don’t see how Fitbit can gain from this. Everything you earn is yours to keep, so why not give it a shot?

By the way, are you wondering what FitBit to choose? Here are a couple of FitBit reviews available on the website.

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