5 Tips On How to Prevent Your Apple Watch Overheating?

Is your apple watch overheating for no visible reason? Do not worry; you are not the only one. A fair number of users complained about their Apple Watch overheating. Let’s go through the probable causes and how to fix them.

apple watch overheating

Possible Causes Of Apple Watch Overheating

Apple Watch Overheating After Swimming

The Apple Watch Series 3 and all subsequent generations are water-resistant for up to 5 ATMs, which means they can immerse in water for up to 50m. As a result, they are excellent for open water and pool swimming.

When you start swimming, your Apple Watch‘s screen automatically locks to prevent accidental touches. When you’re finished, use the Digital Crown to unlock the display and drain any water from your watch. You’ll notice churning sounds and perhaps a few drops on your wrist.

However, if your watch overheats immediately after swimming, you may have accidentally damaged it beyond repair. The water seal does not last the life of the smartwatch and deteriorates with time.

Apple Watch Overheats On Sun

You can use the Apple Watch within the specified temperature range. For example, overheating is normal if you leave the Apple Watch in direct sunlight for extended periods and then use it.

The smartwatch is made of metal, a great conductor of heat energy. Furthermore, when battery-intensive services like GPS and music streaming are used, the watch’s small CPU, which lacks cooling fans, becomes very hot.

Apple Watch Overheats While Charging

It’s a common misconception that the Apple Watch becomes hot when it overcharges. Because no Apple device can overcharge, it cannot be the cause of your apple watch overheating. However, this is likely due to the Apple Watch needing to be correctly aligned with the magnetic charger.

Another potential explanation is that the battery has reached the end of its useful life. You would need to replace it with an authorized dealer in this situation.

Apple watch overheating issues

Tips On How To Stop Your Apple Watch From Overheating 

1. Close All Applications

One of the probable reasons for your Apple Watch reaching an abnormally high temperature might be that one of the programs you have open is attempting to carry out a series of activities incorrectly, requiring more resources than usual. 

To alleviate this issue, just shut down any programs on your device and check again after a few minutes to see whether the excessive warmth has been gone.

2. Take It Out Of The Charger

The warmth of the Apple Watch when charging is usual and acceptable, but it has limitations. If you find that the device is heating up to temperatures beyond Apple’s recommended ranges when charging. 

We suggest you remove the Apple Watch from the charger and after it has cooled to an average temperature, try charging with another charger to ensure that this does not happen again. If the smartphone continues to overheat even after using alternative chargers, we suggest that you contact Apple to resolve the issue.

3. Restart The Apple Watch

Another typical source of excessive heating in the Apple Watch and many other gadgets is performance, followed by operations that may prevent it. You must restart the device for these processes to restart and operate correctly again. With this, you could remove the source of the Apple Watch’s overheating and use it normally again.

4. Unlink And Re-Link To iPhone

If none of the abovementioned options helped you, the link between the watch and the iPhone might generate excessive heating. In this instance, we suggest you remove the connection between the two and, after a few minutes, pair the Apple Watch with your iPhone again. 

To unlink the Apple Watch, launch the Apple Watch app on your iPhone, click on All watches in the top left corner of the screen, touch the information button to the right of your Apple Watch, and lastly, select Unpair Apple Watch.

5. Update To The Latest Version Of watchOS

Apple is providing new versions of its operating systems to its consumers, which translates to ongoing improvements in the performance and functioning of its devices. 

As a result, if your Apple Watch becomes abnormally hot and you are not using the most recent version of watchOS, this might be due to overheating. Thus we suggest you update your Apple Watch with the current operating system version. 

To do so, open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and go to General, then Software update; any update would display here.

Tips To Use Your Apple Watch Safely

Here are some suggestions we propose for preventing your Apple Watch overheating.

  • Remember that the charging process heats up when you connect the Apple Watch to the current using its charging cable and adapter.
  • When charging, neither the magnetic charging cable, the Apple Watch, nor the power adapter should touch the skin.
  • The device, the charging cord, and the adapter should charge in a well-ventilated location.
  • The device may grow heated when using the mobile function on an Apple Watch with a mobile connection.
  • Remove the Apple Watch from your wrist if it becomes too hot and upsets you. Also, take extra precautions if you have a condition that stops you from accurately feeling the heat in your body.

About the Apple Watch overheating issue

The first Apple Watch was released in April 2015 and received positive feedback for its appearance, functionality, and features. After the iPhone, the Apple Watch is the company’s most successful gadget, delivering a combination of lifestyle, health, and sports functions.

However, like with many excellent things, there are some negatives, one of which is the overheating issue. The issue was more evident with the Apple Watch SE, with several customers noting that the watch became heated when charging, after swimming, or when left in the sun for an extended period. In the worst-case situation, the gadget will not power up.

Many criticized the corporation for failing to warn early customers of the issue so that they could determine whether or not to proceed with the purchase. 

The manufacturer has advised consumers to use the gadget in a specific temperature range: 32 degrees to 95 degrees Fahrenheit (0 to 35 degrees C). However, even if we follow this rule, the watch might overheat owing to programs operating in the background.

We may take precautions, but the corporation must find a long-term solution to the apple watch overheating issue.


To avoid Apple Watch overheating issues, you must perform the following steps: When using GPS or streaming music on your Apple Watch, keep it away from direct sunlight. After swimming, remove any moisture from the device and ensure the Apple Watch levels with the magnetic charger.

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