Does Fitbit Versa 2 Have Speaker?

Are you a proud owner of a Fitbit Versa 2 and wondering whether it has a speaker? If so, you’re not alone. Many people have been asking this question, and it’s important to find a clear answer to this common query.

As someone who works for a website that reviews thousands of wearable products, I have come across this question many times. I have had the opportunity to test and evaluate the Fitbit Versa 2 extensively, and I have some insights to share on this topic.

In this article, I will delve into the question “Does Fitbit Versa 2 Have Speaker?” and provide you with a definitive answer. Whether you’re looking to make phone calls, listen to music, or use voice commands, I will help you understand the capabilities of the Fitbit Versa 2 and find a solution to your problem. So, keep reading to find out if the Fitbit Versa 2 has a speaker and how it can enhance your overall experience with this wearable device.

Does Fitbit Versa 2 Have Speaker?

Understanding Fitbit Versa 2 Features

Fitbit Versa 2 is a popular smartwatch known for its advanced features such as heart rate monitoring, sleep tracking, and built-in Amazon Alexa. However, one common question that arises among potential buyers is whether the Fitbit Versa 2 comes with a speaker.

Exploring the Speaker Functionality

The Fitbit Versa 2 does indeed have a speaker, which allows users to listen to notifications, alarms, and timers. Additionally, the speaker enables users to make phone calls directly from their smartwatch when connected to a compatible smartphone.

Utilizing Voice Responses

With the speaker feature, Fitbit Versa 2 users can also interact with Amazon Alexa using voice commands. This allows for hands-free control of various tasks, such as setting reminders, checking the weather, or controlling smart home devices.

Enhancing User Experience

The presence of a speaker in the Fitbit Versa 2 enhances the overall user experience by providing audio feedback for various functions. Whether it’s receiving notifications or interacting with virtual assistants, the speaker adds a new dimension to the smartwatch’s capabilities.

Addressing User Concerns

Some users may have concerns about the speaker’s impact on battery life or privacy. It’s important to note that the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2 is designed to operate efficiently without significantly draining the device’s battery. Additionally, users have the option to control privacy settings related to voice commands and interactions.

Maximizing Versatility

The inclusion of a speaker in the Fitbit Versa 2 expands its versatility, making it suitable for various activities such as workouts, productivity, and communication. Whether it’s listening to music during a workout or taking a hands-free call while on the go, the speaker adds practical functionality to the smartwatch.

Final Verdict

In conclusion, the Fitbit Versa 2 does have a speaker, and its presence contributes to the overall appeal and utility of the smartwatch. Whether it’s for convenience, productivity, or entertainment, the speaker enhances the Fitbit Versa 2’s capabilities, making it a well-rounded choice for individuals seeking a feature-rich smartwatch.


1. Does the Fitbit Versa 2 have a built-in speaker?

Yes, the Fitbit Versa 2 comes with a built-in speaker, allowing you to listen to music, receive call notifications, and use voice commands.

2. Can I make phone calls using the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2?

Yes, you can make phone calls directly from your Fitbit Versa 2 using the built-in speaker and microphone.

3. Is the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2 suitable for listening to music?

While the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2 is not designed for high-quality music playback, it is suitable for listening to music and podcasts in quiet environments.

4. Can I use the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2 for alarms and notifications?

Yes, the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2 can be used to play alarms and receive notifications for calls, messages, and app alerts.

5. Are there any limitations to using the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2?

One limitation of the speaker on the Fitbit Versa 2 is that it does not support playing music during exercise or swimming due to its water-resistant design.

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