Do smartwatches emit radiation

Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation?

Electronic equipment is known to emit electromagnetic, radio, and microwave waves that have a variety of environmental consequences. However, this raises the issue of whether a gadget as tiny as smartwatches emit radiation.

Yes, smartwatches generate modest quantities of non-ionizing radiation that are safe. Microwaves, radio waves, and visible light radiation are all emitted by them, much like cellphones. They are, however, fully within FDA restrictions and so not dangerous.

However, many critics on the internet spread false information about the basis of smartwatches and how their radiation may harmful to the human body. As a result, we did some research and came to our own opinion!

Do Smartwatches Emit Radiation?

Smartwatches do emit radiation. However, the issue is why smartwatches generate radiation. To get the answer, we first must understand how a smartwatch works. So let’s have a look at it, please.

We understand that not every smartwatch has WiFi or cellular connection. But, surely, any smartwatch can link to a smartphone? So, how does a smartwatch communicate with a smartphone?

This is made possible by something known as EMF (Electromagnetic Field). Smartphones and smartwatches produce an electromagnetic field around them. They function as both a transmitter and receiver of this electromagnetic field. When the smartwatch comes into touch with the electromagnetic field of your smartphone, the data is wirelessly sent.

As a result of EMF, your watch may connect to a WiFi network, Bluetooth device, or cellular network. And this EMF is nothing more than the radiation emitted by your smartwatch. And if your smartwatch leaves the EMF zone of your smartphone, WiFi router, or other devices, it will be unplugged. As a result, smartwatches emit radiation to interact with other gadgets.

Smartwatch Radiation Health Risks

Nausea And Headaches

With EMF radiations have come reports of people developing symptoms associated with radiation. If you wear a smartwatch 24 hours a day and experience nausea and headaches, these symptoms might be due to radiation.

Sleep, Memory, And Mood-Related Issues

Furthermore, many have reported experiencing sleeplessness as a result of their usage of smartwatches. It is prevalent with any sustained use of technology since it may lead to decreased focus and productivity. The most serious issues arise when consumers neglect to disconnect before going to bed.

Memory impairments and mood changes have also been observed as a consequence of sleep disturbances. Because blue light uses in technology such as smartwatches, computers, telephones, TVs, and so on, it might be difficult for the brain to shut down after using these devices.

If you find yourself awake at night, try to turn off all devices at least 2-3 hours before going to bed. To give your brain a break, engage in calm hobbies such as reading.

Body Dysmorphia

Body dysmorphia is a health issue that frequently goes unnoticed with Smart gadgets. People who overeat due to being constantly distracted by messages and information accessible directly in their palms have seen an increase in recent years.

When you’re bombarded with alerts and information on your wrist, you’re less likely to notice what’s going on around you. If you’re eating at a table, you can overlook your body’s indications that it’s full. It often leads to overeating and overindulging, which may lead to unneeded weight gain.


While being connected may seem to be advantageous at first, smartwatches distract you from the present moment much more than your phone does. While it is not socially acceptable to take your phone out of your pocket at an essential meal or other certain social circumstances, a watch is worn on your wrist and enables you to be continually preoccupied.

Being connected is one of the most appealing features of a smartwatch, but it may also be a huge disadvantage. Being absent from wherever you are might have a significant effect on your genuine human interactions.

Are Smart Watches Safe? Privacy Concerns and Health Risks |

Smartwatch Radiation Protection Tips

It is essential to keep oneself secure and shielded from the dangerous effects of EMF radiation from a smartwatch. You must be aware of when and how to use your smartwatch securely. Here are some precautions you may take to keep yourself safe from smartwatch radiation:

1. Use A Case

A smartwatch case will keep you safe from the radiation released by your smartwatch. Purchase a case that will function as a barrier between your smartwatch and your body. It implies that the watch will not come into close contact with your skin. 

Remember that prolonged exposure to radiation is very dangerous. By opting for additional protection, you are putting your health ahead of anything else.

2. Only Use A Smartwatch When Needed

You’ll probably never want to take your smartwatch off after the first time you put it on. You’ll be so happy to get it that you’ll want to wear it all the time. However, if you want to prevent radiation, don’t wear your smartwatch while you’re not using it. Learn to restrict your smartwatch and use the time to protect yourself from the hazardous effects of radiation.

3. Avoid Dependency

If you are too reliant on a smartwatch, you will have a problem. It gets to the point where the smartwatch starts controlling you, which is just inappropriate. To enable your health to improve in the correct direction, avoid becoming too reliant on your smartwatch. Take note of when you wish to use your watch and set it away for a few hours or even days.

4. Airplane Mode

You may disable all connections to your smartwatch by putting it in airplane mode. Because you will have placed your watch to sleep, radiation levels will not rise. If you don’t want to turn off your smartwatch, setting it to airplane mode is the best option. When you wish to sleep, you may also set your smartwatch into airplane mode.

5. Turn Off Your Smartwatch

You might consider turning off your watch once you arrive at work or a social gathering. It is to prevent you from being distracted, which is a major health risk. Make this a habit, particularly at work, to keep you focused on the task rather than on your watch. You will also have eliminated the radiation released by your smartwatch, keeping your body safe and healthy.

Guide to Wearable Tech Radiation Health Dangers - EMF Harmony Europe

Is It Safe To Wear A Smartwatch?

As we’ve seen, there’s nothing to be concerned about. The smartwatch is meant to produce 4 watts of microwave radiation per kilogram of tissue, averaged across 10 kilos. That is more than seven times lower than the FDA’s radiation threshold.

It should be noted that the closer a person gets to a radiation source, the more exposed they are. Thus, wearing a smartwatch implies you are as near to the electromagnetic field as possible, implying more exposure.

Nonetheless, technologies that generate ionizing radiation enhance a person’s risk of cancer. Ionizing radiation is powerful enough to shatter the atoms in your tissue and may cause serious health problems.

On the other hand, Smartwatches emit microwaves and visible light, none of which constitutes ionizing radiation. Unlike gamma rays and UV radiation, which have shorter wavelengths and may cause tissue mutations, microwaves have long wavelengths.

As a result, even though a smartwatch generates and absorbs significant quantities of radiation, the odds of developing cancer are very low.

Is It Bad To Wear A Smartwatch All The Time?

It’s easy to see why wearing a smartwatch might raise worries about EMF radiation. After all, these gadgets are always linked to Bluetooth or WiFi for added convenience.

Smartphones that generate EMF radiation are not as potent as other electronic gadgets. As a result, the chances of inflicting major damage to human health are slim to none. Furthermore, customers may rest easy knowing that the FDA has cleared its use and has made no claims about smartwatches.

They may help your everyday life as long as you know your limitations and wear them wisely. Whether you wear them for pleasure, working exercise, or keeping track of your duties, not wearing them all the time might significantly reduce the impacts.

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