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The HTC VIVE Focus 3 may be an excellent choice for businesses looking for a low-cost but professional VR headset, that is, if you have spare money to burn. Although it is lightweight and immersive, the standalone HTC Vive Focus 3 should not be purchased for home VR.


  • Widest FOV in a standalone headset
  • Remote collaboration
  • Cooling mechanism
  • Directional speaker design
  • Excellent controllers
  • Comfortable to use
  • Fast


  • Expensive
  • Mediocre controller ergonomics
  • No consumer app store
  • Sound bleeds out of directed speakers

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HTC Vive Focus 3 Enterprise Virtual Reality Headset

Last Amazon price update was: November 15, 2023 10:40 am


In terms of performance, one of the best standalone headsets is the HTC Vive Focus 3. The screen is fantastic, the performance is superb, the field of view outperforms the competition by a wide margin, and the tracking is outstanding. This headset has almost everything users want in a VR headset, but it isn’t for consumers. It costs more than four times as much as the Quest 2‘s base price of $299, at $1,300. In terms of features, it is very similar to the Quest 2.

Widest FoV in a standalone headset

The HTC Vive Focus 3 is a standalone headset with a wide field of view, an Ultra wide range of inter-pupillary distance, and an adjustment range of 57mm-72mm that provides viewing comfort for all.


Remote Collaboration

Distance can be bridged with the HTC Vive Focus 3’s seamless remote collaboration. You can collaborate with your team across physical distances and multiple locations, and engage in powerful and interactive VR tools just as you would in person. Equip your employees with the necessary skillsets. Training simulations can help you save money while also improving the safety of your training program.


Immersive experience

The VIVE Focus 3 headset comes with an amazing 5K resolution and spatial surround sound enabled by state-of-the-art speakers to immerse you in the VR experience. Every time you put on your headset, the excellent combination of beautiful visuals and audio makes it much easier to forget you’re stepping out of the real world. The headset allows you to immerse yourself in healthcare and education, as well as reimagine the possibilities of museums, concert halls, and theme parks through never-before-seen applications. However, the headset lacks a consumer app store.


Cooling mechanism

The Headset also includes a cooling mechanism and a thermally optimized battery to keep the device temperature at optimal levels. As a result, performance improves and immersive sessions last longer.


Directional speakers design

Ensure that conversations remain private by reducing sound leakage. However, the Focus 3’s use of directed speakers rather than headphones means that some sound bleeds out and is audible to those around you, as with all speaker-based headsets. However, it is less noticeable than, say, the Valve Index’s speaker bleed, and the audio itself sounds fine.


Excellent controllers

The VIVE Focus Controller is designed to fit comfortably in your hands and allows for easy input and navigation during long VR sessions. The controllers that come with the VIVE Focus 3 are also designed for comfort, with buttons placed in convenient locations so that you can find them naturally. However, for the price at which it is sold, its controller form factor is still mediocre.


Comfortable to use

The VIVE Focus 3 eliminates the need for bulky and uncomfortable headsets. This fantastic headset includes maximum balancing to make you feel more comfortable while working. There’s a wide range of adjustments to get the perfect fit, active cooling from built-in fans, and a comfortable set of cushions that can be easily removed for cleaning and hygiene. Curves and contours provide a balanced counterweight between the eyepiece and the battery. Comfort for longer sessions, particularly training simulations requiring larger movements.


The HTC Vive Focus 3 is fast

One of the most noticeable characteristics of the Focus 3 is its speed. The headset only takes a few seconds to get you to your home environment from a cold boot. The screens immediately turn on, and the Vive logo spins in front of you while it boots, providing something visually interesting to look at while you wait.


Long-lasting performance

Although two hours of continuous use may not appear to be much, it is a competitive time for a wire-free headset. VIVE’s solution also includes a swappable battery option. This means that users can buy extra batteries and simply swap them out whenever they need more energy.


Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Performance 92%
Features 86%
Controllers 61%
Batteries 75%
Price 28%
Installation 54%
Wireless Connection 45%
Audio 72%

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Technical Specifications

VT Type: All in one
Platform: Viveport
Hardware Platform: PC
Display type: LCD
Shape: Oval
Series: –
Positional Tracking: Inside-out
Max Resolution: 2448×2448
Pixel Per Degree: 20.4
Field Of View: 120°
Refresh Rate: 90 Hz
Audio: 3.5 mm audio jack, built-in microphone, USB-C 3.0

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