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The Zeblaze THOR 5 smartwatch has been dubbed “the world’s first Dual Processor Smartwatch.” It combines the benefits of a smartwatch and a smart band by using a different SoC for each mode and being specifically tailored to each function. The smartwatch also includes a nano-SIM, transforming it into a standalone smartphone watch.


  • Nice display
  • Overall good design
  • Dual processor smartwatch
  • Internal memory available
  • Fitness features available
  • 4G-Capable smartwatch


  • Not wear OS
  • Average battery life

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The Hemobllo Zeblaze Thor 5 smartwatch performs admirably, as it employs an energy-efficient Nordic dual processor, transforming the wearable into a fitness/health smart band with a battery life of up to four days.


Nice display

At 1.39’s and 454 *454 pixel resolution, the AMOLED touch screen display is excellent. You can choose between a rounded or square display of all applications from the smartwatch. The former configuration has a larger font, but the sides are obscured by the display. The latter is fully visible, but the font is too small to read without straining the eyes.


Overall good design

The Zeblaze Thor 5 smartwatch’s case is made of zink alloy, giving the watch the appearance and feel of a rugged sports watch. Its size is only appropriate for men’s hands. It’s also a little heavy, but not enough to be bothersome. The excellent wide silicon strap has a strong grip around the wrist and does not dangle. The strap and the interior of the smartwatch are both smooth on the skin.


Dual processor smartwatch

The Zeblaze Thor 5 is the first Dual Processor smartwatch in the world. The smartwatch mode is powered by a Mediatek MTK 6739 quad-core SoC, a low-cost but high-performance smartphone SoC. (Smart Watch Mode). The Zeblaze Thor 5 has two independent modes of operation. Smart Watch Mode makes use of a MediaTek SoC to provide an excellent 4G smartwatch mode, in which the watch can be used with or without a smartphone connected.


Internal memory available

Zeblaze equips the THOR 5 with a smartphone SoC and a smartphone display, as well as a smartphone internal memory. There is 2GB of RAM and 16GB of storage.


Fitness features available

This Zeblaze smartwatch also functions as a fitness band, with full support for all types of tracking via a diverse array of sensors. It supports GPS, GLONASS, and Beidou precision tracking for your athletic activities, as well as any type of map navigation from Google Maps or another similar app.


4G-Capable Smartwatch

It is a 4G smartwatch that can be used with a nano-SIM card. It supports calls, 4G, and Wi-Fi. It also has Bluetooth built-in, allowing you to use a wireless headset.


Not wear OS

The THOR 5 runs Android 7.1.1 rather than the Android 5 found in most smartwatches today. It has many advantages but it is not Wear OS. A QR code is provided in the AMOLED display to enable the smartwatch. You can download and install the WiiWatch 2 app by scanning it with your smartphone. Despite its simplicity, it functions properly. You can then sync your smartphone to THOR 5.


Average battery life

The Thor 5 has a full day of battery life when used as a smartwatch and four days when used as a smart band, but there are some limitations.

Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Compability 61%
Display 80%
Features 85%
Price 70%
Overall Quality 60%
Battery 52%
Sensors / Monitors 65%
Comfort 64%

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Hemobllo Zeblaze Thor 5 Specifications


Design Shape: Circular
Clasp Type: –


Display Type: AMOLED
Screen Resolution: 454 x 454
Touch Type: Muti -Touch


Casing: Zinc Alloy
Weight: 68
Size: 54 x 50 x 15.2

Processor & Memory

CPU: Quad CoreNordic 52840
RAM: –
Storage: 16GB
External Card Slot: –


Battery Life: 545 mAh
Charging Technology: –

Sensors & Connectivity

Sensors & Functions: Heart rate monitor, Accelerator, Proximity Sensor
SIM Slot: Yes
USB: –
NFC: Yes
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.0
GPS: -, GPS via Smartphone


Speaker: Yes
Radio: –
Audio: –
Microphone: –
Camera: –


Water Resistance: Water Resistant
Protection: –
Glass Technology: Corning Gorilla Glass

Other Specifications

Package Content: 1 x Zeblaze THOR 5 Smartwatch 1 x USB Charger Cable 1 x Screw Driver 1 x User Manual
Compatibility: Android, iOs
Colors: black

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