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Personal Mobile Cinema! This compact headset is like a personal 3D cinema. It is ideal for watching movies and playing games in any place. You get realistic sensations from bright images and clear sound. At the same time, you feel comfort thanks to the adjustable headband, and your eyes do not tire even if you have fun all day.


  • ability to connect to any digital device
  • gives the feeling that you are in an IMAX 3D theater 
  • broadcasts a bright realistic image with power sound from phone, tablet, laptop, or other device
  • possibility to use in any convenient place
  • does not impair your eyesight 
  • comfortable fits on the head


  • specific smell of the headband 
  • not very comfortable nosepiece 

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GOOVIS Pro-2021 P2 Head-Mounted Display 3D Blu-Ray Personal Mobile Cinema with AM-OLED Display HMD for Gaming and Movies Compatible with Laptop PC Xbox PS5 Switch Set-top-Box Smartphone

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GOOVIS Pro-2021 (P2) Personal Mobile Cinema is a comfortable, light and compact device. It has sizes as in ski goggles. So, you can carry it with you and feel like you are in a cinema anywhere: on the plane, sitting in a cocoon chair at home or during outdoor rest. This headset allows you not only to watch 3D movies in high quality but to immerse yourself in the world of entertainment, playing a variety of games. 

GOOVIS Pro-2021 easy combines with any device

The personal mobile cinema is complected with the USB-HDMI cable, that allows to connect it to any device:

  • phone;
  • tablet;
  • laptop;
  • desktop computer;
  • monitor;
  • drone and others. 

You can do it easy and quickly. To enjoy movies or play games, you just need to insert USB cable to the appropriate slot on the body of the selected device. 

Bright screen image and clear sound 

When you put on GOOVIS Pro-2021, you like are on the other side of the big screen of IMAX theater: see pure as a tear image with saturated colors and hear a surround sound. In other words, you experience the same visual and auditory sensations, with whom you are familiar in real life. Such an effect appears thanks to 800-inch virtual screen, blue-ray 3D High Resolution, and dense image (1920*1080 pixels on 0,49 inch). Having GOOVIS Pro-2021, you can organize your own cinema at home, because you have the ability to watch a movie from a distance of 20 m, lie on the couch, cook breakfast, do yoga or take a bath. 

The best care of your eyesight

As you know, shortwave blue light from digital screens damages the retina and impairs eyesight. But the GOOVIS company took into account it, so she created twin AM-OLED display, which reduces the harmful influence of modern devices on the eyes and does not tire them during prolonged viewing. In addition, GOOVIS Pro-2021 cares about people with visual impairments. This device has custom-made prescription lenses, that support nearsighted between 0~-8.00 D, farsighted between 0~+3.00D, and adjustable inter-pupillary distance.

Watching movies and playing games with maximum comfort 

GOOVIS Pro-2021 is made in such a way that you do not feel fatigued or discomfort from wearing a display on your head. After all, this headset is portable and comfortable. The total weight of the main body is only 200g, as in snowboard goggles. The nosepiece is not very comfortable. And the smell of the headband is specific because this part of the device is made of inorganic material. But it has other advantages: you can easily adjust the headband with elastic straps. It ensures the most comfortable fit.

Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Compatibility 90%
Features 81%
Display 90%
Comfort 87%
Price 64%
Nose piece 53%
Audio 79%
Extra items 72%

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Technical Specifications

VT Type: All in one
Platform: PC, PlayStation 5
Hardware Platform: PC, Mobile
Display type: AMOLED
Shape: Dome
Series: –
Positional Tracking: No
Max Resolution: 1920×1080
Pixel Per Degree: 53
Field Of View: 42º
Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
Audio: 3.5 mm audio jack

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