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The Apple Watch Series 7 comes as an upgrade to the Watch 6. It has a slightly larger screen, the ability to charge faster, and comes in new attractive colors. While it still packs a wide variety of impressive features, the Watch 7 doesn’t improve in the areas of battery life, fitness or design.


  • Larger display
  • Screen is scratch-resistant
  • Supports always-on display
  • New watch faces available
  • Addition of a QWERTY keyboard
  • Three new text sizes added
  • Software runs smoothly
  • Fitness tracking features
  • GPS sensors available
  • Heart rate monitoring
  • ECG and SPO2 monitoring
  • Breathe app redesigned
  • Enhanced cycling mode
  • 3 months of free Fitness+
  • Waterproof and dustproof
  • Siri smart assistance responds well
  • Handwashing notifications
  • Assistive Touch added
  • Macbook or iMac unlocks when your watch is nearby
  • Safety features available


  • Inaccurate heart rate sensor
  • No major feature updates from last generation
  • Sleep tracking still works the same
  • Compatible with iOS only
  • Battery life remains the same

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Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 45mm) Midnight Aluminum Case with Midnight Sport Band, Regular (Renewed)

Last Amazon price update was: May 18, 2024 7:16 pm


The screen of the Apple Watch 7 is 20% bigger than that of its predecessor. It’s still the best Apple Watch yet and still has an excellent feature set that merits your attention. You receive a respectable fitness companion, good heart rate tracking, and a variety of helpful apps, all in a visually appealing packaging.


Larger display

Compared to the Series 6, you’ll see that the Series 7 has a slightly larger case and substantially smaller bezels than other models, allowing for a significant increase in screen real estate without dramatically increasing the size of the Apple Watch.

The improved functionality that the smaller bezels bring is equally significant. Whether you pick the smaller 41mm size or the 45mm choice, on-screen items and buttons are simpler to view and require less accuracy to tap.

The Series 7 also fits 59% more text on the screen than the Series 6, thanks to resolutions of 420 by 352 pixels on the 41mm model and 484 by 396 pixels on the 45mm version. This results in less scrolling while reading messages, emails, and articles. 

Having a larger surface area for larger buttons to press and to see more of your messages is fantastic. Additionally, the display boundaries are 40% thinner than they were.

The Watch 7 has a larger screen than the Watch 6, which affects the amount of data you can see on the screen and makes it easier to engage as a result.

In order to make the most of the larger display, Apple also revamped the watch’s user interface. For example, when using the Calculator app or entering your Passcode to unlock the watch, the buttons are now bigger and easier to press.

The always-on OLED Retina display is bright enough to read both inside and outside, with a maximum brightness level of 1,000 nits. However, while your wrist is down, it is now 70% brighter indoors, making it simpler to check the time.


Screen is scratch-resistant

Even while Apple watches are quite hard to damage easily, the glass covering the OLED display’s bright and colorful surface has been strengthened to lessen the likelihood of scratching or breaking.


Supports always-on display

The brightness of the Apple Watch 7 is the same as that of the Series 6, as Apple did not alter the number of nits the Watch 7 can produce, however when in ‘dimmed’ mode, there is a 70% increase in brightness.

The new watch’s always-on display is a useful feature, but it requires additional functionality outside of Apple’s own apps. The range of devices that support the always-on display has increased, and developers may now include the functionality in their apps.

You may glance at the Watch to view the time or anything else that is displayed on the watch face without touching the screen or activating it thanks to its always-on nature. 

Though there are times when you don’t want a watch that is blindingly bright, you also don’t want to have to set the display into Theater Mode, which turns the display down. This means that the always-on display isn’t always a good thing.


New watch faces available

Contour and Modular Duo, which were not accessible before the Watch 7, are two distinctive watch face choices that the Series 7 offers you and both of which highlight the advantages of its larger display.

Complications; widgets on the screen, such as weather or activity, are displayed more clearly on the Series 7. Although Apple claims to have calibrated each watch face individually, using the display outside shows little improvement despite this.


Addition of a QWERTY keyboard

Apple also gives the Watch a complete QWERTY keyboard in addition to the additional display area, making it rather simple to type messages on the Watch 7. Tracing each letter separately on the wrist keyboard is how it operates.

It can be used everywhere that requires text input, supports taps and swipes, and uses machine learning to anticipate the words you type. Additionally, it improves text entry by enabling the use of dictation, doodle, and emoji combinations.


Three new text sizes added

Apple has incorporated three new sizes for a total of nine font sizes in the Watch 7. You can increase the font size to a very large size if you have visual issues: Navigate to Settings > Display & Brightness > Text Size to alter the default value.


Software runs smoothly

Although WatchOS 8 is new software, it doesn’t really add anything to the Apple Watch experience.

The S7, the power within, has simply been rearranged to allow for the slightly larger design even though it offers no power benefit. On the Watch 7, everything operates quite smoothly, and the user-friendly WatchOS 8 platform makes it simple to start a workout, see photographs, or read messages. This is not to mean that you won’t have enough power, though.

Any request you make of the Watch 7 is constantly met with excellent performance. Switching between programs is smooth, rotating smoothly while using the Digital Crown to move through menus and the like.

The big button on the side allows you to switch between apps, and the Digital Crown makes it simple to interact with lists or resize objects.


Fitness tracking features

The Watch 7 is good at tracking the fundamental exercises of jogging, cycling, and swimming, among others, and it comes with some pleasant features like the relaxing meditation app and Apple’s ring system, which show you how active you are throughout the day and are both practical and entertaining to use. However, many people won’t find the ECG and blood oxygen monitoring to be very helpful.

Even though the Apple Watch Series 7 is focused on fitness, it’s still difficult to suggest it if you’re a serious runner, cyclist, swimmer, or other fitness enthusiast. Basic features like interval sessions, heart rate alerts, and the like are still lacking.


GPS sensors available

The Apple Watch 7 has a rudimentary GPS unit that displays your heart rate, distance traveled, and length of run. However, it tracks data accurately. The Watch 7 has a plethora of GPS sensors, including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, QZSS, and Beidou, which enables it to quickly lock onto and provide a reliable reading when you’re moving around. This puts it on par with many other high-end running watches.


Heart rate monitoring

The heart rate monitor readings are adequate, but there is a slight drawback in that accuracy is only attained when you push the Watch 7 further up the arm, toward the elbow, which has been demonstrated to improve heart rate monitor accuracy. If you have a velcro sport band, it will still move forward or twist, but this is acceptable; however, if you have a rubberized band, it will start slipping right away.

Also, if you’re physically fit and your heart rate frequently drops below 50 beats per minute, this sensor won’t work. If you’re a serious exerciser, take that into consideration.

The Watch 7 simply doesn’t always produce reliable heart rate readings when worn on the wrist, which is the traditional location for a watch. It occasionally provides accurate results, but other times, even when your effort hasn’t changed, the reading suddenly increases.


ECG and SPO2 monitoring

Both the electrocardiogram (ECG) and blood oxygen monitoring (SPO2), which were key selling elements for the Watch 5 and Watch 6, are present and accurate once more.

Both are not medical grade, which slightly restricts their use, but they are primarily intended to be used as the first step in identifying a problem.

The ECG and SPO2 monitor are excellent extras for individuals who require them. You won’t use them frequently enough, and even if you frequently check your blood oxygen level or keep an eye on your ECG, you won’t benefit much from the activity.

The SpPO2 sensor also doesn’t provide alerts, so if your blood oxygen level decreases significantly over night, you won’t be able to know about it the same way that you would be informed if your heart rate falls too low, allowing you to visit your doctor to be evaluated for conditions like sleep apnea.


Sleep tracking still works the same

Sleep tracking appeared on the Apple Watch 6, but Apple did nothing to improve it in the Watch 7. It basically still works the same.


Breathe app redesigned

The updated Breathe app is yet another potent health feature on the Apple Watch 7. It now goes under the name of mindfulness and includes a Relax mode.

This mode requires you to spend at least one minute contemplating a posited idea while viewing merging and colliding colorful shapes on the watch. You will be given a motivational question to consider at the beginning of the activity.

Your wrist feels a nice vibration that instructs you to take slow, deep breaths.


Enhanced cycling mode

You receive an improved riding mode as part of the Watch 7’s fitness capabilities. It works well and can recognize when you’re riding, but it can’t tell when you stop, so unless you manually terminate the workout, it doesn’t.

Additionally, the riding algorithm has been modified to take into account measurements for the best electric bikes, which are easier to ride than standard cycles.


3 months of free Fitness+

You may work out whenever you want because Fitness+ is included for three months free with the Watch 7. These trainer-based exercises require you to connect your Apple Watch in order to read your heart rate, among other metrics, and display them on the screen. They are accessible on the iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV.

The free three-month trial is a wonderful method for you to learn more about the program and determine whether it fits your lifestyle, even though some routines could be a little more difficult and complex. 

The Watch 7 isn’t for you, though, if you’re looking for scheduled workouts that will help you significantly advance your fitness. Although there are some good apps available for download, a dedicated fitness watch might be more beneficial.


Waterproof and dustproof

The Apple Watch 7 has the same proof rating as previous models, but for the first time also earned an IP6X certification for dust resistance.

It is now essentially dustproof and waterproof to a depth of 50 meters, making it suitable for open-water swimming and diving. This means that dirt and other potentially harmful particles cannot enter the watch’s frame.


Siri smart assistance responds well

Simply hold the Watch 7 up to your lips and issue a command to activate Siri. Approximately 80% of the time, it reacts well.


Handwashing notifications

You can receive handwashing notifications on your Apple Watch Series 7 to be reminded to wash your hands for 20 seconds as soon as you enter the room. It is a wonderful watch feature.


Assistive Touch added

Another new impressive feature on the Watch 7 is Assistive Touch. You can control your Watch using pinches and fist clenches, allowing navigation through the phone without touching.

Assistive Touch is yet another innovative and remarkable feature on the Watch 7. You can navigate through the phone without touching it by controlling your Watch with pinches and fist clenches.

It uses blue to highlight interface elements so you can see what you’re touching and tapping. This may even be modified to launch specific apps with a specific gesture.


Macbook or iMac unlocks when your watch is nearby

Another incredibly useful feature is the ability to unlock your Macbook or iMac when the watch is nearby.


Safety features available

In terms of safety, the watch can notify you if it notices an abnormal cardiac rhythm, a high or low heart rate, or loud noises that could harm your hearing. It may also automatically contact for assistance if you are unable to do so after a difficult fall, and it supports Emergency SOS and international emergency dialing.


Compatible with iOS only

The Series 7 is exclusive to Apple’s smartphones. It requires an iPhone 6s or later that runs iOS 15 or higher.


Battery life remains the same

Although Apple claims that the Watch 7 can run for 18 hours on a single charge, you frequently get more than 24 hours.

Although it can be disheartening, the Series 7 Apple Watch includes a new Magnetic Fast Charge USB-C cable. This has been the case for earlier iterations of the Apple Watch. The watch charges 33% more quickly than the Series 6 thanks to its new USB-C capability. 

For instance, it can go from being completely charged to 80% in just 45 minutes using its fast-charging puck. At the end of the day, if your battery is low, charging it for just eight minutes will provide you enough power for eight hours of sleep tracking.

Product Stats

Product sentiment (% of positive sentences about the product)
Features Sentiment
Display 92%
Quality 90%
Sensors / Monitors / Trackers 86%
Battery Life 75%
Compatibility 65%
Design / Aesthetic / Look 77%
Price 83%
Ease of use 91%

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Apple Watch Series 7 Specifications


Design Shape: Rectangle
Clasp Type: –


Display Type: Retina LTPO OLED
Screen Resolution: 484 x 396
Screen Size: 1.9
Touch Type: Yes Multi – Touch


Casing: Stainless steel, ceramic, sapphire crystal back
Weight: 42.3
Size: 45 x 38 x 10.7

Processor & Memory

CPU: dual-core
RAM: –
Storage: 32GB
External Card Slot: –


Battery Life: Li-Ion 309 mAh (1.19 Wh), non-removable
Charging Technology: Wireless Charging

Sensors & Connectivity

Sensors & Functions: Heart rate monitor, Oxygen monitor, Steps monitor, Gyroscope, barometer, GPS, altimeter, Accelerometer, ECG, Compass, GLONASS, Galileo, Fitness Tracker, Sleep Monitor, women’s health, calories burned, relaxation breathing timer
SIM Slot: no
NFC: Yes
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 5.0
GPS: GPS via Smartphone


Speaker: Yes
Radio: –
Audio: Bluetooth call function
Microphone: –
Camera: None


Water Resistance: Water Resistant
Protection: –
Glass Technology: Sapphire crystal

Other Specifications

Package Content: –
Compatibility: iOs
Colors: silver, gold, Graphite

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