Cynoculars Virtual Reality Headset

Cynoculars Virtual Reality Headset: All you need to know about them

The industry for virtual reality headsets is gaining traction and supplies are increasing. Virtual reality is here to stay, albeit it still has a ways to go before it becomes a commonplace technology. Before purchasing any goods, we always have a few questions we want to address. As a result, in this post, we will examine the best Cynoculars virtual reality headset.

Cynocularsvirtual reality headset leverages your smartphone to provide immersive 360-degree virtual reality technology. is the company’s official website, founded in May 2016. Continue reading to know everything about Cynoculars virtual reality headsets.

What Are Cynoculars Virtual Reality Headset?

Video games have changed significantly throughout the years, beginning with the option to play beta-style games on television with a linked controller. Handheld games were introduced, and users could even use wireless controllers at home.

However, Cynocularsvirtual reality looks to be the most recent frontier. This game style allows you to thoroughly immerse yourself by shutting out everything that can interfere with your enjoyment of the game. Rather than spending money on something pricey, you may test out Cynoculars.

Cynoculars are meant to utilize your smartphone to play virtual reality games, and their small size makes them compatible with any phone model. CynocularsVirtual reality apps may be found on the App Store and Google Play, enabling you to go on an adventure that you’ll never forget.

There are no specific connections or cords needed with this headset since it acts as a cradle for your smartphone. To increase the intensity of your experience, the headset filters out light from your present surroundings, allowing you to see just the screen in front of you. Even 3D viewing is possible with the Cynoculars Virtual Reality Headsets.

Most early gadgets were either exclusively compatible with a single gaming system or had connection restrictions that limit your mobility. To use these devices, you must first pay for each game that you want to play.

The expense of becoming a part of one of your favourite games doesn’t have to be so prohibitive to participate. Instead, Cynoculars can transport you to a new world of virtual reality gaming, all without the need for cables or batteries.

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How Do Cynoculars Virtual Reality Headset Work?

To use Cynoculars, enter your smartphone into the accompanying cartridge, then re-insert it into the headset, and you’re good to go. Most modern smartphones, including popular models like the iPhone 7 Plus, should fit easily inside the cartridge.

A Bluetooth controller is also provided to assist you in interacting with games and other programs. This controller was the complex part of Cynoculars for me. Although we can link it with both Apple and Android devices, we could not locate any applications that recognized it.

The controller’s sole functional feature was to alter the volume. Other online reviews have expressed dissatisfaction with the absence of a working controller. Numerous Cynocularsvirtual reality games don’t need a controller at all, so this may not be an issue for such applications.

Virtual reality is experienced in a 360-degree environment, which means you may turn your head in any position while using the program.

We enjoy how you can quickly fine-tune the lenses using two-way adjustments, and the lenses are of good quality. The headset was significantly more comfy than most other headsets in this price range that we had tested.

We need to call attention to a couple of the program’s “flaws”. VR newbies often complain of nausea, and Cynoculars is no exception to the rule. The amount of motion sickness seems to primarily depend on what you are seeing.

A static camera location causes less motion sickness than a moving or jerking camera. As a result, if you begin to feel motion sickness, search for 360 films taken from a stationary place (such as a tripod) to reduce motion sickness.

Overall, Cynoculars is an “OK” entry in the low-cost virtual reality headset market, but its controller is a major flaw. It performs many fundamental functions that one would anticipate from such a gadget. The remote doesn’t seem to operate with as many applications as we anticipated, but the headset is on the more pleasant end of the pricing range.

Main Features:

  • Using your smartphone to experience virtual reality
  • Fits phones up to 3.875′′ width by 6′′ height 
  • 360-degree vision 
  • Lightweight and comfortable 
  • Adjustable pupil and focus point lengths
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How To Use Cynoculars Virtual Reality Headset?

The best thing about the Cynoculars is how simple they are to integrate into your daily gaming routine. Because the headset includes a cartridge that you immediately insert your phone into once you’ve set up the game or experience, you don’t need to conduct any additional connection between your phone and the Cynoculars.

Turn on your Cynoculars virtual reality headset and have fun. Unlike other devices, Cynoculars immerses you in complete 3D experiences, making it simpler to get immersed in the game of your choice. It helps to polish the image on your phone for a meeting that seems genuine.

You may adjust the lenses while the gadget is on your head to obtain the best vision, and the soft cushioning provides your face with the comfort it requires for the length of your use of the Cynoculars.

You may use various magnification levels to guarantee that the app engrosses you. You may also change the pupil distance, focal point distance, and whether or not the vision is wide-angle. Only the software itself cannot customize to your preferences.

Pricing For Cynoculars Virtual Reality Headset

If you wish to add the Cynoculars to your devices, you may do so for a one-time fee of $19.95 plus $7.95 for shipping and handling. There is no need for a membership to use Cynoculars, and you may buy numerous sets by paying the appropriate shipping and handling fees.

A 30-day money-back guarantee is provided by the Cynoculars’ designers since they appreciate that this technology may not be for everyone. You do not have to explain your dissatisfaction, but it may help.

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The market for Cynoculars virtual reality headsets has surged in recent months, with new models sprouting at an alarming pace. The Oculus Rift is the most expensive, costing between $700 and $800. It needs a powerful computer and cannot use with a smartphone.

The Samsung Gear VR is undoubtedly the best smartphone VR headset, with a broad field of vision and a good customer rating.

Similar to Cynoculars, there are a variety of popular Cynoculars virtual reality headsets in the $15-$30 price range. The majority of these low-cost headsets use the Google Cardboard platform and provide the same basic functions.

General Buying Tips

People usually complain that headsets make them dizzy and give them a headache. There are, however, a variety of alternatives available, and you may change them to assist in rest your eyes.

The most recent versions can completely adjust to your head, which means that with a better fit, your eyes will suffer less. Furthermore, we assume the headaches they cause are the same as if you sat in front of a regular game console for an extended period.

So, if you’re considering purchasing a headset, the first thing you should do is visit an electronics shop and ask to try them on. You’ll be able to see whether they’re genuinely comfy to use this manner. It is now possible to tailor any headset to fit any head.

However, if you continue to feel uneasy or if it leaves marks, it may be a hint that it isn’t the correct one for you.


CynocularsVirtual reality headsets are now accessible to gamers who want to feel like they’re playing the game, not just watching it. Many gaming firms have begun to design their headsets, but these are often hundreds of dollars and need the purchase of suitable games.

The applications that work with Cynoculars virtual reality are free and downloadable, giving you immediate access to this technology. Cynoculars may provide what you need if you’re ready to take on a role in the game that goes beyond the typical “first-person” experience.

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