How does a Magnetic Charging Cable Work?

How does a magnetic charging cable work

A charger is essential for battery life and, ultimately, phone lifetime. Your manufacturer-supplied charger has likely to misplace, isn’t working properly, or you want the peace of mind that comes with having an extra charger. Look no further since this article will guide you in understanding how does magnetic charging cable works. Maybe you’re wondering … Read more

How Do Smart Light Bulbs Work?

How to connect Smart Bulb to google home1

Whether you’re returning home late at night or need some additional help around the house, adding smart light bulbs to your living space may help you find your way around without having to fumble in the dark for a standard light switch. Smart bulbs are similar to ordinary light bulbs, except they can control remotely … Read more

How to connect a Smart Bulb to Google Home?

How to connect Smart Bulb to google home

As a smart speaker, Google Home provides a broad range of automation and touchless control to a wide range of Wi-Fi-enabled devices. Google Home can manage everything in your home, from the Smart bulb to the thermostat. In this article, we will show you how you can connect a smart bulb to google home. Wi-Fi-enabled … Read more

How To Pick A Smart Lock For Your Home?

How to pick smart lock for your home

A Smart lock, who would have thought we would come to that 30 years ago? Smart locks have become an increasingly popular component of smart homes, even among those who have not gone as far as to automate their houses. These Smart locks provide new levels of comfort and efficiency to a room in the … Read more

How To Pick The Best Smart Home Coffee Table?

smart home coffee table

Almost every day, we come across great items that use modern technology to make our lives simpler. Although technology has taken over our life, everyone loves having a phone that can snap excellent images and capture family memories, freezers that can chill and store food for days on end, and free information at our fingertips. … Read more

What are the Features of Smart Ceiling Fans

Smart Ceiling fan

In recent years, ceiling fans have emerged as the preferred cooling choice for those whose homes are too small to fit air conditioners, as well as those who wish to save energy and save money by using ceiling fans. Because of this, the ceiling fan business has reacted with a revolution that assures that installing … Read more

What are the Features of a Smart Light Switch?

features of a smart light switch

A smart light switch is a connected home devices that interact through Wi-Fi in between the light switch and your smartphone, tablet, or computer to provide customizable lighting management